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Saturday, May 18, 2013

 Week 1- 5/17/2013 MTC, Provo

I’ll start where we left off on Wednesday at the curb of the MTC.
I went inside to check in.  I got my room key, MTC ID card, but most importantly, my name tag Then I was shown to my classroom.  Other elders and sisters were already in there and the instructor introduced herself and then had me introduce myself in Portuguese:
Oi! Meu nome é Elder Rebollo Eu sou um missionário da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias, meu companheiro é Elder..."

Our instructor only speaks Portuguese in class, unless we really don’t understand, then she’ll throw in some English.
There are a lot of things that take getting used to here.  For example, we must refer to everyone as either Elder or Sister, not “guys”.  Four Elders in my room- including myself, are going to Mozambique, and in my district/classroom, there are also three sister missionaries going to Mozambique as well. There are others missionaries going to Mozambique that are assigned to other districts.

Overall though, I really like it here.  I’ve learned so much already, in just two days, not only Portuguese, but also about missionary work in general.  We aren’t just going to “teach” people about the Gospel, we’re going there to ‘Invite them to come unto Christ’.  We can’t do that unless we listen to the investigator’s needs and teach them with the Spirit.  I am so happy to be here.

Elder Rebollo 

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