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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 18-- Another great week in Quelimane

Week 17-- 9/16/2013

Hey Everyone!

This past week was pretty good. Not as many crazy things happened, and we've been having more success. I'm glad to see that you guys are doing well again this week. I realize that when I mentioned our monthly trip to Marromeu I forgot to mention the reason for the trip. There are two missionaries down there, just like here. The church has been there for a while now, has a couple hundred members, and a chapel. Marromeu is a small jungle town and when the missionaries need supplies, they have a hard time getting them but since Quelimane is the closest major city, those supplies come here. So we will bring those supplies to Marromeu- things such as Books of Mormon, pamphlets, sacrament water cups, etc. They are also having a problem with their internet, so we will be taking a new internet modem down to them. When we go down there, we will be staying in the missionarries’ house. Elder Heaton served in that town before, so he is excited to visit the members there. We are planning to go the last weekend of the month, and stay for church on the 29th. You have probably already looked on the Google maps to see where it is. The route to Marromeu is about 300km, but a good part of it is on dirt road, so the drive will take about 7-8 hours. We will make sure to take necessities like plenty of food and water with us. We will be taking the car in for a maintenance checkup this week to make sure everything is good. I heard that on the way there we will cross a cool bridge over the Zambezi River.
Things with the bikes are going well. It's nice being able to get to places faster, and not having to spend money on the bike taxis.
Yesterday I taught the music class for the first time and it went pretty well. There are only 3 members coming, but that's because we only have 3 keyboards. I hope I'm here a little longer so I have time to keep teaching the class for a while. Transfers are next week, so hopefully I don't get moved. 
About me trying to find a cello in this city- sadly- I probably won't find one. But if I find myself in Beira or Maputo next, I will for sure try to find one and put on a recital. President Kretly would help me for sure, if I needed it. He was actually supposed to visit again this past week on his way back down from Nampula. But he got pretty sick up there and had to fly down to Maputo. It was something he ate, apparently. But when he gets better, he plans on returning to Quelimane for another visit, most likely before the end of the month.

Last week on P-day we took the car out and went to a place 30 minutes outside of the city to see crocodiles. Walter went with us since we didn't know exactly where it was.  We went there also to see how the car was running, but it was cool to see the crocodiles. 

We took a couple chickens to feed them to the crocs.

Here are a few pictures I took along the way

So it was a pretty good P-day. Other than that, we just worked contacting and teaching lessons this week.

We had a lot more success this week teaching lessons and finding new families. One of the new people we're teaching is Marcelino. We contacted him on the street in the past and invited him to come to church.  It took a few weeks but he finally came last Sunday. This is what we found out about him, he started investigating the church about 8 years ago, in Beira. He went to church down there and the missionaries gave him a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately they weren't able to teach him because his job took him away from the city and into the jungle. While there, the company he worked for fell apart and left him without a job and stuck out in the jungle. After a few years, he got enough money to get out and moved to Quelimane. 
During that time away, his wife had left him for another man. Then a couple weeks ago, we contacted him in the street and invited him to church, and then he finally came by last week. We started teaching him this past week- he really likes the church. He still has the Book of Mormon given to him by the missionaries back in 2005. It's in bad shape, but it was marked up. He had been reading it. We gave him a new Book of Mormon also. He has a girlfriend, Inez, and they both came to church yesterday. We already taught them the law of chastity and they accepted that they will get married. So this next week we will be starting on that process, and hopefully they will be baptized sometime next month!
It was really cool to see that he still had that book that missionaries gave him so long ago. I'm sure that at the time, those missionaries had no idea how much this book would affect this man’s life and must have been disappointed that he was not able to continue with the lessons at that time, but they did a great thing by planting the seed of the Gospel in this man’s life that is now starting to grow

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week

I love you guys so much!!

Elder Rebollo

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