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Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 63- It Was A Great Week, We Had Another Wedding and Baptism

7/28/2014  Matola

…our work went really well this week too, even though we spent a lot of time with this wedding. We had to work extra hard to reach our goals for lessons and contacts. But we reached them. Even with all the challenges, I was really happy with everything that happened this week.”

Hello everyone
This past week was really good and also really busy. The wedding and baptism on Saturday went super well. It was a small ceremony, and not many people were there, but it didn't really matter. The couples, Inacio and Efegenia, were extremely happy. She was crying almost through the whole ceremony. After they were married by the branch president, they cut the cake and everyone got a piece. It was a good cake, but we went through a lot of trouble to get it, which I will explain late in this email. After an interval to take pictures in front of the church, they changed from their wedding clothes into baptism outfits and were baptized. A member, named Mario, baptized them. Also a 9yr child son of a member family was also baptized. It was a beautiful service, and it was a very nice day too. The weather has been great these days, no rain, and mild temperatures. After the wedding and baptism, the couple went home and there was a lunch for them and family and friends, and we were invited too. Four other elders from our district came along too.
Afterward, we went to this restaurant called Meggi's. it was so good. We had grilled piri piri chicken with potatoes and salad. It was probably the best chicken I've had in Mozambique. We will definitely have to go back another day. Also, on Friday, (I knew we could not resist for too long) after district meeting, most of us went out to KFC. KFC here is really good too. And it's not too expensive compared to other restaurants. Being an American franchise, here in Africa, it's cool that it's only a 5 minute walk away from our house. It was fun to spend time with the other elders going out to eat this week. 
Now more about what we went through to try to help with the wedding.  We had to make arrangements to get a wedding dress for Efegenia. The church here in Matola and Maputo owns some donated wedding dresses from the US that are used for wedding ceremonies so couples don't have to spend money on them. The only thing was that we didn't know where exactly the wedding dresses were being stored. We called around and found out they were in T3 (my previous area), because of the weddings that happened there the past couple weeks, including Antonio and Anita's wedding. So on Thursday Elder Keck and I went out to T3 to get the dresses. It was nice to pass by my old area again; it felt like coming home haha. So later that afternoon we brought the wedding dresses to the chapel for her to try on. A sister from the relief society was also there to help her. But it turned out that none of the 4 dresses that we had brought fit her well. So we called around again and found more dresses in Maputo. So on Friday morning we went out to the office to get them. Thankfully, it didn't take too long. So we got back with the dresses and called the bride to come and try them on.  But it turned out that Efegenia's godmother (here, couples pick godparents for weddings) had already rented a dress for her.
So after all that work and time invested running all over town, we found out that she didn't need to check all those dresses after all! And that's not all, haha.  We were also in charge for the wedding cake. Elder Keck said that he had made a wedding cake before for another wedding and it turned out well, so we decided to let him make the wedding cake. So on that same day, on Friday we stayed in in the afternoon to make the cake. Elder Roberts and Elder Palu were helping us out too. We wanted to make a two layer cake, one layer white and the other chocolate, and we made frosting also. Things seemed to be going fine until…they tried to stack the cake layers. Yeah, the whole thing fell apart!
Elders Keck and Palu tried frantically to save it, but it was no use. So they ended up having to run to Shoprite, the local food store, and bought a cake from the bakery. Finally, a nice looking cake.  But it was nice of Elder Keck in trying to do this for the couple, too bad, it didn't turned out right.  
During all that time, I was on a division with Elder Roberts in his area so I could interview the 9yr old that was going to be baptized. It was the first baptismal interview that I conducted. It went really well. The young boy was really smart and excited to be baptized.
So yeah, we had a crazy week getting ready for the wedding; our patience and will to succeed was tested, but in the end it was all well worth it. I felt so good to see that the couple was very happy.
The rest of our work went really well this week too, even though we spent a lot of time with this wedding stuff. We had to work extra hard to reach our goals for lessons and contacts. But we reached them. I was really happy with everything that happened this week. We have a couple other families that are progressing well that we'll be helping with marriage documents this week and hopefully they can get baptized by the end of August. The area I am in has a lot of potential and a lot of families. We just need to work hard so we can find the ones that are prepared to hear the gospel. Things in my district are going well too. Everyone in the house is getting along and all the other companionships are working hard. Church yesterday was good; there were almost 200 people there. This is a strong branch with good leadership. I'm super happy to be here in Matola 1. And I'm excited for this coming week of work.
Thanks for your letter and for your encouragement. I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I try to do my best every day, since I know my time here is getting shorter. I hope you guys have a good week

Love you!!


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