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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 89 – A normal work week in Quelimane

Dear family,

Thank you for your letter and always thinking of me and my safety and health. I'm doing well here in Quelimane.  I do get tired sometimes, but I try not to exert myself more than necessary. The fact that I don't have much time left, motivates me to keep working hard every day until its time for me to go home. The Lord is helping me always. I don't let things get to me too much. The added responsibilities do add an extra weight. But it's nothing I can't handle. Thankfully it hasn't kept me from doing my regular missionary work. Only a couple days during the week I have to spend more time just dedicated to the branch. And I know it will be easier when the branch president returns next month. But for now it's cool to have this added challenge. There's no way I would be able to have an experience like this if was serving in the US or some other place where the church is better established. It's a pleasure to serve here, though, I'm really grateful for it.

This week went pretty well. It didn't rain much, so we didn't get soaked like last week. This week was the opposite; it was just very very hot. The intense heat of the sun dried out all the roads that had been under water just the week before.  
On Monday we had a family home evening for the branch here at the chapel. We read a chapter from the Book of Mormon together and played a few games, it was fun spending a good time with the members. On Tuesday we had a normal work day. We usually go out on the road and contact people in the mornings  and after that we go have lunch and do studying in the early afternoon. Every day we took one of the members with us to teach at least a few lessons. We found a good number of new investigators this week. 
On Wednesday I had the branch presidency meeting with the executive secretary, Cornelio. He's a really cool guy. He's about 25 years old, is single and is a singer. He has made an album already and has had some success. He was once on a program that is the Mozambican equivalent of "American idol', and is working on a new album. He's a really strong member too, always available to help out. Also Abrao was in the meeting. He's the member who will be going on a mission this year and is waiting for his calling which should come soon. 
We talked about the things of the branch and picked the topic for sacrament meeting talks.
Thursday and Friday were good days, we found a couple more new families to teach. On Saturday we had a lot of things to do at the house. In the morning was the weekly cleaning of the chapel. In the afternoon I taught English class, about 7 people showed up. Then after that there was a young single adult activity and we participated. It was pretty fun. Yesterday church meetings went pretty well. The attendance was 65 and we had 16 investigators at church! The classes went well. I didn't teach yesterday, but I did give a talk in sacrament meeting. I talked about integrity.  The other talks were also very good. I felt the Spirit during church. I enjoy when we are being taught by the Spirit. 
We ate at one of the member's houses for lunch and walked with another member for the rest of the day to our lessons. Nothing too exciting or crazy happened this week though. It was a great week and I'm excited being here.
Anyway, I hope you have another great week and enjoy the warm winter.

With Love

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