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Pictures from Quelimane-2015

Picture from Manga and Beira 

Pictures from MATOLA, a city west of Maputo

Local full time missionaries

With Elder Caetano  Companion #2 in Matola- (Mission companion #9)

Companion#1  in Matola1, Elder Keck. (Mission companion #8) with a couple just married and baptized

Pictures from T3, an area near Maputo

Companion#4  in T3, Elder Reed in T3 (Mission companion #7)

Companion#3  in T3, Elder Alfredo Far right  in T3 (Mission companion #6)

With Elder Heaton during a zone conference in March 2014

Companion#2  in T3, Elder Reed in T3 (Mission companion #5)

Wedding and a baptism March 1st 2014

Gerson and Candida

Missionaries in my district in T3 along with Gerson and Candida at their wedding and her baptism  3/1/14

Wedding and baptism Feb 21 2014

Alfredo and Laura

Another wedding at the T3 Chapel, the couple was taught by other elders in my distric


 P-Day in T3, my companion elder Bender and playing hoops with other missionaries in the zone

Companion#1  in T3, Elder Bender (Mission companion #3)
T3 Chappel

Our house in T3

Pictures from Quelimane, Mozambique

Elder Rebollo and Elder Heaton (At the Quelimane Airport as Elder Rebollo travels to his new area)- my second companion in Mozambique

Elder Rebollo with branch member Walter and his family 

Elder Rebollo with Joaquina and her girls--Unfortunately her husband Gomes and the older kids weren't there.

Elder Rebollo with Rema and Cornelio two of the branch missionaries

In the second house, same as the church complex, this car was assigned to us for a brief period of time in Sept-Oct 2013

The only  pic i have with my first and only bike in Quelimane. we paid about 100 bucks they were stolen from the second house just a few weeks after getting them, so yes, I had this bike for a brief period of time only...shorty after I got transferred to T3, near Maputo

Our bikes when we first got them, this picture still in the old house

A little background: The branch, has had this keyboard  for at least two years, I am told that the previous person that played it was Sister Osborn, she and her husband were the senior missionary couple assigned to this city; when they left in April, the branch went without  music for a few months until I got here in June. You could tell people were glad to have music again during sacrament meetings.

8-year-old Milena is the first person I am privileged to baptize here in Mozambique!!. It was a very special event.

Baptizing Candido 

Elder Seoane, Marcia, Milena, Candido, Igor and Elder Rebollo

The baptismal font. 
The first house we lived in Quelimane, we moved after we had an house invasion in the middle of the night while we slept (Aug 2013)

My room in the first house in Quelimane
Old 18th century cathedral

Local street market
The Zambezi River

Maputo, Mozambique airport

Arriving in Maputo, Mozambique June 26 2013

Pictures while at the MTC

Elder Rebollo and Elder Thomas

My district about to leave the MTC to go to our missions, most of us are going to Mozambique

Good bye Utah! See you all in 2 years!

My residence at the MTC

My badge and family pictures, they will be with me for the next two years

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