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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 3 - 5/31/2013 MTC Provo Utah

Oi Familia! 

The time is really flying by!... We have gym time 5 times a week. Since the weather has been nice lately, we've been going outside and playing volleyball on the sand courts by the temple. It's pretty fun. We're continuing to teach our "investigators". It's still hard to do it all in Portuguese, but it gets easier each time. At least when I get out in the field, I'll have a companion who's fluent in Portuguese. One of the teachers here from another zone came to talk to our district during class yesterday. He got back from his mission to Mozambique 4 months ago. He gave us a lot of good information and answered our questions about Mozambique. It's nice that we have a good resource here to answer our questions.

I've been learning how to teach and be led by the Spirit, and to determine the needs of investigators. This saying often gets repeated a lot around here: "We teach people, not lessons." And it's true. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless the lives of all people, but they have to recognize how it can help them with their needs. The only way to do that is for us as missionaries to build trust and ask the right questions to people. Also, our personal study in the scriptures is very important in seeking personal revelation that can help us to help our investigators. I started reading the Book of Mormon when I got here two weeks ago, and I'm less than a hundred pages from the end. It's amazing how much can be gained from each verse. There's nothing in the Book of Mormon that isn't in there for a reason. I'm so excited to go to Mozambique! 

Jacob, congratulations on finishing 3rd grade, and doing so well this year, I'm SO proud of you!! I hope you have a ton of fun this summer! Thank you so much mom and dad for continuing to work hard every day for me and Jacob. I love you!!. 

Have a fantastic week!!!--Tchau!

Elder Rebollo

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