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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great News! Devotional Performance, Travel Plans.

Week 5 - 6/14/2013 MTC Provo

Queridos familia e amigos

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Mine was really good. So I told you Friday (June 7th) that Sister Nally said that I would play at a devotional.  Well, right after I sent that letter I got the official invitation from the MTC to play at the Sunday devotional on June 9th, at 7 pm,( that was just less than 2 days away from that day) —at the same time I picked up the mail containing some more great news, my  travel plans! I’ll tell you about that in a moment—

The Devotional
A devotional at the MTC
That Sunday June 9th, I went a couple hours before the devotional to do a sound check.  Then the devotional was at 7 pm   The devotional was for the whole MTC, so that’s a lot more than 3000 missionaries and all the MTC presidency and branch presidencies.  It was by far the biggest audience I would have to play for.  The devotional started with an opening hymn, then a prayer and after that a member of the MTC presidency introduced the speaker and then I did my musical number.  I was definitely nervous!- but I didn't make any mistakes.  Elder Arnesen, at the piano, did a great job also.

My companion 
MTC companions Elder Thomas and Elder Rebollo
and everyone in my district 
My MTC District
said that the whole thing sounded great and that I looked good in those big screens.

The devotional hall is really big, it holds about 2000 people.  Then it is broadcast to an overflow room in another MTC building that has another 500; then there is an extension of the MTC at Wyview, which has about 200 seats.  The speaker was Brother Richard Heaton of the MTC administration.  He gave a great talk on teaching by the Spirit is the most important element in teaching the Gospel. 

Famous...for a week :) 
After the devotional, I got a lot of compliments from the people around me, including MTC President and Sister Nally, and Bro. Richard Heaton, the speaker they all shook my hand and told me I did pretty good and that they enjoyed the musical number.   Throughout this week I've continued to get compliments from missionaries as I walk around campus: “Are you the elder who played cello on Sunday?” and “Good job on that cello on Sunday” Seriously! I have been complimented by I don’t even know how many people.  And I can tell others look at me as I walk by because they notice me from playing at the devotional.  I am not used to dealing with all that attention, but, It’s pretty cool; it was such a great experience.  I know the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to share my testimony through music
Travel Plans
At the end of the day we looked tired but really, we were like celebrating all day long!
We are going to Mozambique, here are our Itineraries!!

In my email I said I would be getting my travel plans next week.  Well, I just checked the mail that same Friday and guess what?  THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it! That means I got my visa!  And I have my complete itinerary. Here it is:
We are leaving SLC on Monday, June 24th, 1:45 pm to Dallas, TX- to England- to South Africa and to Mozambique, arriving there on June 26 around 11 am
So, Yeah, I’ll have a 7-hr layover in London, I have heard that for layovers that long they allow you to leave the airport. So I might get to see London a bit!
You have no idea how excited everyone was when I walked in with the itineraries.  It was crazy!
So I will definitely have plenty of time to call home.  I will need a neck pillow; these are going to be LOOONG flights, especially to London and London to South Africa.

With love, 
Elder Rebollo                                                                                       


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