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Monday, January 20, 2014

Transfers today. I'm staying in T3 and getting a new companion

Week 36  1/20/14

Thanks for those nice letters,  I really like that scripture passage from D&C dad. I know that passage well; it is one of my favorite ones about missionary work, not just for missionaries like me, but for regular members too.

I liked those pics you send of the frozen Deer Creek Lake, they were pretty cool! It's weird to think how cold it is back home, and how different it is here. The good thing is that it hasn't rained much lately. It's just been hot, as usual, but I've already gotten used to it. 

Mom, it’s cool that you guys went out to see that ice castle thing. I remember seeing one there in PG one year, across from the junior high, remember?
This past week has been good. My companion was feeling better, and I didn't get sick either. We had a more normal week of working, so that was nice. There was a wedding this last Saturday, the name of the couple is Sabao and Rosa, they were investigators of Elder Allen and Elder Ndala. It was a nice wedding ceremony, followed by the baptism right afterwards. President Kretly showed up too. It took a while though. It was supposed to start at 9am, but started at 10. Then it ended at 3pm. So it was a little longer than we were expecting, but it was good. They had rice and beans and chicken, and of course cake. There was some traditional African singing as well. I took short little videos of it. I really hope I can send them! Right after I send this message I will start uploading them. 

Our most progressing family, Alfredo and Laura, are doing well. Laura is pretty involved with the Relief society and helped with preparations for the wedding. We have another family, Joao and Katarina, they are also progressing well. They live kind of far, we have to get a chapa to get to where they live, but it is worth it. It's looking like the next wedding will be on the 22nd of next month, or the 1st of March. 

Church was also good here. There was almost 200 in attendance! One of the goals for the mission is to divide all of the branches. And if T3 continues like this, the branch should be divided this year.
 Next week, Elder Kevin Hamilton, of the Seventy is coming to visit the mission. He will do a tour of the mission and meet and walk with some of the missionaries, then there will be a zone conference with him at the end of next week. Because of his visit, the transfers which were supposed to happen next Monday happened today. We found out late last night that they had been moved up, so the whole mission was taken by surprise. Elder Bender will be flying up to Beira tomorrow and later today, my new companion, Elder Reed will arrive from Matola, the neighboring city, just a short taxi ride away. I've enjoyed my time working with Elder Bender, he has been a good companion. I'm excited to getting to know my new companion, I know he's from Utah, other than that, I don't know too much about him, but I'll let you know next week. So yeah, this transfer was definitely a surprise. But I'm excited that I get to stay here and continue helping the families we're teaching, and finding new ones as well.
I hope you have a good week everyone. 
I love you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!


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