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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Week 33  12/30/2013

Dear Family, 

I'm glad the whole family has been having fun in California. It sounds like things have worked out pretty well. It's nice that you've been going around, to the beach and other places. I remember our last trip to Cali in April, it was really fun. 7 months without seeing someone is a long time, so I can understand why Mom cried when she saw me during our Skype call. I'm glad some of the family there was able to see me as well. It's nice that they are learning about missionary work and the church because of me serving a mission. I hope you are able to continue talking to them about it. I hope they continue to be interested in learning about the church in any way possible. I have still not received the package. But it will get here sooner or later and hopefully in one piece.
Skype with Josh on Christmas day

This past week was nice. As you know, we had that Christmas party on Tuesday which was fun seeing old companions from the MTC, elder Heaton from Quelimane, my first area. Then I talked with you on Wednesday which was of course the highlight of this Holiday season

Mom, it was so nice to see you on Christmas Day! I'm glad I made you happy, even though you cried haha. I didn't know you guys would still be in California by now. It's one of the longer trips you've made, almost 2 weeks. It's nice that you spent Christmas there and will be spending new years over there. Especially for you, since you don't like the cold and snow of Utah. I would love to see some snow right now! When we talked, the weather was extremely hot and humid 
The rest of the week was work as usual, although it was a little difficult to visit people with the celebrations and get together that were still continuing. It will be like that until after New Year's, then things should go back to normal. New Year's here will be a normal day for us missionaries. These past few days have been really rainy also. There was about half the usual number of people at church yesterday because of the rain. Many of our investigators and members have to walk kind of a long way, and with all the water and mud in the roads, some roads are impossible to pass through.  We are in the rainy season officially, so it's to be expected. The boots I have are working nicely, my feet aren’t' getting wet. But today I need to buy a new umbrella. I had one, but forgot it in Quelimane. Our investigator families are doing well. We'll probably have our next wedding/baptism at the end of January. We're hoping other families will begin to progress faster as well so they can get baptized within the next month or two.

There won't be another party for us here for new years, it will just be a normal day for us. But I'm guessing a lot of people will be drinking out in the roads, which might make working a bit difficult, but it should be fine. 

 Anyway, I love you so much and thank you for your prayers for me all the time. Have a good New Year's! I hope you guys spend it well with the family. Thanks for those pictures, by the way. Have a good rest of your vacation!

Elder Rebollo

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