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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 40. Maputo District Conference

Week 40 - 2/17/2014 T3 

“The branch here in T3 is growing rapidly. When I arrived on the mission I heard … T3 was… a difficult area with little success... But we're definitely seeing miracles here, big and small. Every day I see the hand of the Lord in this work. I know it is in large part because of your prayers...I thank you for your faith and constant support...” 


Thank you for your report on the stake conference. I was looking forward to reading about how it went. It sounds like it was a very uplifting conference. I'm glad that you guys had a good seat. Remember when Elder Bednar came and we had to sit all the way in the back? And we even got there one hour early. I'm glad it wasn't like that this time. And you got to hear from some general authorities too, that's cool. Dad Congratulations again! I wish I could have been there. But I'm sure I'll be around to see you receive other callings and responsibilities in the church. Thank you for being a good example to me.
Mom, I hadn't realized until last week that the Olympics had already started. I actually like watching the summer Olympics better, so I don't feel too bad missing this one this year. I haven't finished those vitamins you sent me. I actually haven't been taking them for the past few months, to be honest, but I should probably start again. For the next package you can send some snacks, candy and other stuff that you can thing of would be fine.  There is basically everything here that I really need. I know it's too bad that I never got my Christmas package. I guess we'll have to try again and hopefully it will get here that time.  Now I'll tell you about my week.
This past week went by pretty quickly. We didn't find as many new investigators, but we taught some good lessons to the new ones we found the week before. Also, everything is right on track with Alfredo and Laura, I'm super excited for their wedding and baptism. I just hope it doesn't rain. Either way, it will be a great day for them.
Gerson and Candida, are also doing well, they will be married the first weekend of March. Candida will be baptized right after their wedding- As I mentioned last week, Gerson is already a member. 
We found two new families in the past couple weeks that are progressing well. One of them is Antonio and Anita, they are a young couple with one child. They came to church yesterday for the second week in a row.  They have started to read the Book of Mormon and are showing a lot of desire to follow Christ. This week we will continue to help them and hopefully get them started with the process of getting married. The other family, Daniel and Zaida is another young couple who are friends with Alfredo and Laura. They came to church yesterday also; we are excited for them as well. 

The branch here in T3 is growing rapidly. When I arrived on the mission I heard how other missionaries spoke about the different areas of the mission, T3 was regarded as a difficult area with little success. So I wasn't sure what to think when I got transferred here. But we're definitely seeing miracles here, big and small. Every day I see the hand of the Lord in this work. I know it's in large part because of your prayers for me every day and the prayers of many others as well. I thank you for your faith and constant support. It helps me more than you can imagine, even though you're so far away.

The district conference went well. We went to the session on Saturday, where President Kretly gave a talk about temples and family history; this is something that needs to be emphasized more here in Mozambique. The Sunday session was packed! There wasn't even enough room for all the members to sit in the main chapel. They had an overflow room with video and sound. Even that room got overfilled. There was no room for us missionaries to sit anywhere inside, so we sat on benches outside the chapel and just hung out there, hearing some of the words through the window. So I didn't really get anything from it yesterday, but that is ok because it is so cool to see how fast the church is growing here in Maputo and Matola. I'm guessing they will have to have district conference in a bigger space next time, because by then the number of members will have grown even bigger.

I hope all you guys have another great week!

I love you


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