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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 50- I'm so grateful for the opportunity to continue to work in this area few more weeks

Week 50 – April 28 2014—T3 (Near Matola)

This week was great, and If everything turns out as planned and with Heavenly Father's help, there should more people that will join the church in the coming weeks”

Hi guys,

I am happy to write you again today. That's cool that you went to Elder Heaton's welcome home and you got to talk with him too. I guess he won’t go by Elder Heaton anymore, now he is Kaden Heaton. It might be sooooo weird not to be called Elder when I get home. At the end of my emails I sign them by my first name, but it's weird to think of myself by my first name haha. Being home will definitely be a BIG adjustment. But I still have one year until then. Speaking of one year, it was one year ago today that I gave my farewell talk in sacrament meeting, can you believe that!? I remember that day clearly it feels like it was 6 months ago, not one year. One of my friends who came to see me that day, Marianne, she sent me an email today telling me she was called to serve in Indianapolis, Indiana, starting in July. It's crazy, I think every single one of those friends that came that day are either on their missions, or about to be. 

I had a great week this week! We had a lot of success in teaching lessons and working with the members. Our investigators are doing well. We now have a pretty big teaching pool of people. This week will be a challenge making time to visit all of our existing investigators, plus recent converts, while still making time to find and teach new families. Antonio and Anita are doing well. They were having some document problems, but it's looking like things will get moving again this week. They should be getting married within the next month. Sergio and Cecilia are progressing well; they came to church together for the first time yesterday. We found a new family named Jose and Luisa. He came up to us one day while we were waiting to meet someone. He told us how he has a family member who is a member of the church and always invites him to visit, but he never had the time. We went to visit him and his wife a couple times this week, and they are really interested and willing to follow the gospel. We'll see how it goes with them this week. We are also teaching Marta, who is the oldest daughter of Jose, a member (the one we've helped a couple times work on his house). She doesn't live with the rest of the family; she lives alone with her two kids. She knew about the church already, but was never really interested until a couple weeks ago when we did a family night at Jose's house, and she happened to visit and participate. She is really willing and excited to follow the gospel, and she should be getting baptized in a couple weeks. We are also teaching Jose's nephew, David, who lives with them. He is 17 years old and he too wants to be baptized. This week was great and If everything turns out as planned and with Heavenly Father's help, there should more people that will join the church in the coming weeks. I'm so grateful I was given the chance to stay in my area for at least another six weeks. There is a lot of work to do and I'm really enjoying it.  Also, my companion and I get along well, he is a great missionary. I continue to help him learn English and he is doing well with that also.

My health is fine, I'm not sick anymore. And when I was feeling a little sick, I didn't stay home, it wasn't bad enough where I felt like I couldn't go out. The weather here has been nice. We're still in the transition period between the hot and cold season, so some days are hot, other days are cooler. But it hasn't rained in a while, which is nice. 
Well, I'm so happy to have heard from you and hope you have another great week! And Mom, don't worry I will let you know when I find out when I will be calling you for Mother's day.
I love you all so much!!

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