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Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 53--This week, we had some baptisms

Week 53-- 5/19/2014--T3

In the experience I've had here, many investigators tell us they've received answers about the Church or about the Book of Mormon, a lot of times they tell us they received it through a dream.

I'm glad everyone is well back home. That's nice you had a good party for Jacob and his friends. That's funny about dad getting stuck in the foam pit hahaha. I will go see the pictures on the Photobucket after I'm done writing to you guys. I wish it was easy to send things home from here, or else I would have sent a present to Jacob. But I'll bring a gift for him for his next birthday.   
Mom, I'm glad you like your calling. But that's cool how you were able to give that lesson, about patriarchal blessing, even though it's something you didn't have much personal experience with. I still read mine once a week. I remember when I got it, I was 16. It was almost 4 years ago, that's weird. I know that now my blessing means something different than it did when I first got it. And 5 and 10 years from now it will probably have a different meaning for me. 

Anyway, this week was great! We had baptisms!! On Tuesday we went to some pretty distant places in our area and visited some converts that have been members of the church for a while, so it was nice to sit with them and get to know them better. One of them has a girlfriend who he wants to marry, and we've started teaching her so they can get married and she can be baptized too.

The weather here it's been nice, we're getting into "winter", which means the high temperatures are in the 70's, and it's not humid.  Thursday was my one year mark. It was a pretty normal day. I had looked forward to this day for so long, then it came and went. It was a good day though. Another elder in our house, Elder Thurston, also completed one year. We were at the MTC at the same time, but in different districts. Elder Alfredo made a cake as a way to celebrate the occasion, it was pretty good. He likes making cakes--he makes at least two a week haha.
Anyway that day we visited Alfredo and Laura, remember them? They got married and baptized almost three months ago. They're doing well. They are pretty busy during the week so we don't get to visit them often, but it's nice when we do.

On Friday, I went on a division with Elder Thurston, the district leader, so he did the baptismal interviews for Marta, David, and Carmelia. Marta is the oldest daughter of Jose (a member) and David is his nephew who lives with them. Carmelia is 11 years old and the daughter of a long time member family, but for some reason she was never baptized after she turned 8 years old. The baptism on Saturday went well.  Marta and David asked e to baptize them and Carmelia was baptized by her older brother. It was actually the first time I've baptized anyone since my first transfer. The next day we had the confirmations in sacrament meeting--I did the confirmation for David.
It was a great opportunity to have been able to teach them and lead them to baptism. Our other investigators are doing well. We probably won't have any more baptisms during this month, but we should definitely be having more next month, I just hope I get to be here for them. Transfers are in two weeks from today. I'm excited for this week. We have a lot of work cut out for us; it should be a good week.

Dad, thank you for telling me your experience about receiving an answer about the Book of Mormon when you were investigating the church at age 14. That was really special . In the experience I've had here, many investigators tell us they've received answers about the Church or about the Book of Mormon, a lot of times they tell us they received it through a dream. I personally don't remember receiving an answer to a prayer through a dream, but I know that many do and it is a way that God answers prayers.

Thank you for your words of encouragement for me, as always. It helps a lot. I'm really enjoying the work, but your right, there are things that can be discouraging, but I'm not discouraged--I'm just ready to keep working :)

I hope you have a great week. I love you!!


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