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Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 55- Another round of transfers and I will continue to work in my same area

June 2 2014  T3 

“Jesus Christ brings true happiness to families, and if they read the scriptures and pray as a family, they will get through whatever challenges they are having. “ 

Dear family, 

I was so happy to read your guys' letters this week.  

I had thought that our missionaries wouldn't get transferred to Swaziland, but I was wrong. Four elders and two sisters got transferred there. Swaziland now has 20 missionaries, and a senior couple. This mission is now Portuguese and English speaking. So at some point in the future it is possible I could go there, how crazy would that be? 

Now, you're probably anxious to know about the transfers. It was crazy! The mission had so many changes! But despite all those changes, the Lord had decided that I will be staying here in my same area for yet another 6 weeks --Yep, that's transfer number 6!! I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out that I am staying here even a little longer.

My companion, Elder Alfredo left this morning to the airport. He finally got his visa to travel to his assigned mission of Angola-I was excited for him. My new companion will be Elder Zeka, and just like Elder Alfredo, he is Mozambican, from the same city of Beira; he was also called to the Angola mission. This will be his first area serving his mission.-- I am happy that I am called to serve and teach the people in this area and at the same time help train new missionaries like I did with Elder Alfredo and now with Elder Zika- I love this work! 

For the time being, I'm companions with Elder Matezo (also Mozambican); I don't know when Elder Zeka will get here, but I'm guessing it won't be any later than tomorrow. But yeah, I am excited to be able to stay here in T3 for another transfer. I think as of now, no other elder on the mission has been in his area longer than I have been in mine. It's pretty cool. Obviously the Lord is telling me I haven't yet accomplished everything that I'm supposed to do here. 

This past week flew by super-fast and it was a good week. We helped many of our current investigator families. For the most part they are doing fine, but some are facing challenges that are keeping them from progressing towards baptism. One of these families is having financial difficulties and that is making difficult for them to obtain their marriage documents, but they'll eventually get them as they keep working and saving as much as they can. Other couples are facing some challenges in their relationship. We are working with them, teaching them that only the gospel of Jesus Christ brings true happiness to families, and if they read the scriptures and pray as a couple and as families, they will get through whatever challenges they are having.
We have a few families that could be baptized within the next 6 weeks. But it will depend on their desire to follow Christ.  We will continue to teach them and praying for them that they will make the right choice. 

Anyway, I'm doing really well here, I'm staying healthy. The weather here has been nice. We continue to head into "winter", so it will keep staying cool for the next few months. I'm glad all you guys are healthy and happy. 

Have a great week!! I love you!

Until next week!


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