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Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 59- Young new members helping us in the Work



Dear family, I am always overjoyed to read your letters every week and read how the Lord is blessing you all.

Things over here continue to be fantastic! We had a really good week and are excited to continue to work. Monday went really well. After internet we went to the 'baixa' (downtown) and looked around some stores. Maputo is really big and nice. Walking down some of the streets I feel like I could be in San Diego or Los Angeles. But then again, I've been outside of the United States for over a year, so my perception could be wrong haha. On Thursday 6/26 I completed one year in the country of Mozambique. I really can't believe it's been a year already. On Friday I went to the city again to immigration to renew my diri (residence card). I went with Elder Thurston from my district (we were at the MTC in the same district there too) and so we have been here the same period of time. After doing the immigration stuff we went to a restaurant to kind of celebrate our one year in the country. We ate at a place called Mundo's (Google it).  I got a super good burger with fries and a soft drink, we had a great time, it was fun, haha.

The other days of the week went really well and we got good work done. Our investigators are progressing nicely and we had success in finding new families to teach.  Every day we talk with people on the road all the time, We try to find complete families, husband, wife and children who are interested in learning more about the message of the Gospel. We experience some rejection, of course, but it doesn't discourage me from talking with even more people. My companion is a really hard worker and we always motivate each other to continue on, particularly when things are difficult. We are planning on the marriage and baptism of Antonio and Anita on July 12th. They are an awesome couple; they have a sincere desire to follow Christ. We are excited for them. The three young men (rapazes) we baptized last week are doing great and are well integrated with the other young people in the branch here. A couple of them went with us to our teaching appointments during the week -They really enjoy working with us doing missionary work.
On Sunday four young men asked us if they could work with us contacting and teaching lessons. That was great!  
Soon we will have a zone conference.  The missionaries from Swaziland will be here. I'm excited to hear about the progress our mission is having and about the progress with our goals, I’m also looking forward to the training sessions with President Kretly. I will tell you all about it next week. 

I'm so glad  that you guys went to see the Utah Symphony concert at Sundance,  It must have been great.  I remember when we went to see them a couple summers ago in Park City.   I remember that dad and Jacob had to go inside because it got so cold . it was a great concert; we had so much fun. We will go to one of those concerts under the stars again next summer, for sure.
Anyway, I hope you have a good week. I love you and I always pray for all of you

Until next week!

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