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Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 60-- Visiting with Brother and Sister Hobson

Week 60 - 7/7/2014

Hello everyone!

Earlier today, the internet service stopped working at the place where we were. So we left and went to the city, as we were already planning to do. We went to the church distribution center and went to a place to print some pictures for my companion. Then we came to this internet place, here in Maputo. 
It has been a great Pday. Maputo is a very big city and we don’t know it too well, so we have been walking a lot today.  But it’s been a nice walk though. Right now it is a little cold, if you can believe it; it’s really cloudy and windy, I like it though haha. 

While we were walking around the city I called Brother and Sister Hobson to ask for directions to some places here in Maputo, since they live here and are familiar with this area.  When they asked where we were, it turned out that we were close to their apartment building, so they invited us to their apartment to have lunch.  That was pretty cool. Their apartment is big and very nice, just like any nice apartment you could have in America.  Sister Hobson made sloppy joes and bread pudding and fruit for dessert. It was great that they invited us over. It felt like home away from for the brief time we were with them.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I’m doing really well and I am enjoying the work a lot. I know you guys will probably be anxious next week to hear where I get transferred to.   But I know I will end up going where the Lord wants me to go.

Have a good week!


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