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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 28—11/25/2013 — T3

“Church yesterday was great. There were 165 people there! … But the amazing thing was that a large portion of those present were investigators”

Hey Everyone!!

I really enjoyed your letters this week. They were a little longer, but I liked it. Jacob thanks for telling me all about your week. I'm glad you're having fun with your friends at school every day. It is funny how you get into little arguments and get mad at your friends sometimes, but you go back to being friends almost immediately after-that is awesome.  That's pretty cool that you got to do the pinewood derby, I remember doing that. I liked those pictures. Your car looks really cool!

This past week we have been working really hard at finding new investigators. Last week we basically dropped all of our existing investigators and have started over on the area. We had a lot of people who had been investigators for a long time, and still have not made progress towards marriage and baptism. We never want to stop visiting investigators, but it is necessary to do when they are not progressing. They want us to continue to visit them and be their friends, but we are looking for new families who are prepared to accept the restored gospel and do everything necessary to be baptized. We have already found a couple families who have potential, but we are still in the early stages of teaching them, so we can't tell yet. But we would like to have a family baptism in this area before the end of the year. I know it is possible with the guidance of the Spirit. Elder Bender and I have been getting along great! I really enjoy having him as my companion. He's a super funny guy! I feel like we balance each other out pretty good.

Living in the house with all the elders isn't too bad like I might have made it sound in my last letter. I've already gotten used to it. Each of the companionships has its own schedule of when we go out, study, eat, etc. So we're not always heading out of the house at the same time, but sometimes we do. We usually go to church at the same time though.

Church yesterday was really good. There were 165 people there! The branch here is pretty strong. It has a lot of members. But the amazing thing was that a large portion of those present were investigators. There are actually a lot of members that are inactive or less active. It would be nice for the branch to work harder to bring these people back through home teaching and other visits. But I think I'll be here for a little while, I'll have opportunities to work with the branch a lot in the time I will be here.

It's funny you mention the elections here. We actually did stay home that day. President had all the missionaries in the mission stay in house that day to avoid any trouble due to these elections**. But staying home was not so bad, it was pretty nice. I read a lot and just relaxed. We have a little electric keyboard, so I practiced piano too. I choose the hymns every Sunday and play them in sacrament meeting. I'm glad I didn't have to stop playing piano when I left Quelimane.

There is a senior couple, the Hobsons, who attend church in T3 and make visits to our house sometimes. I mentioned to them about me trying to get a cello to see If I can play for Christmas, they said they'll look for any place that might have one.

I think this Thursday (Thanksgiving) will be a normal day for us. We're planning on having a nice meal on Sunday to break the fast, and the Hobsons will be coming over to our house to eat.  So there won’t be a traditional Thanksgiving Day for us, it will probably be pretty a regular day.

Christmas will be different. President always has a Christmas party at his house for all the missionaries in the Maputo area, so that will be fun. Christmas is only one month away! In one month, I'll get to talk to you guys through Skype! I'm sure you guys are excited for it, I know I am. I'm also excited to get your package. I'm sure it will get here without any problems. The majority of packages sent to missionaries here arrive without any problem.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! I'm glad you're spending it with family instead of just the 3 of you. I really hope you guys stay healthy this winter. I remember last winter all you guys got sick –that was no fun at all. I'm always trying to stay healthy. I haven't gotten sick at all so far, I feel very blessed.
I look forward to reading your letters again next week! I love you guys so much!

Elder Rebollo

** News reports talk about civil unrest and some level of violence in some parts of the country on this day of municipal elections between supporters of the contending political parties and police.

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