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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another week serving the wonderful people here - It was a good week!

Week 45 March 24, 2014 T3 

” Things with my companion are going well. We teach well together and are finding new investigators with potential to progress” 

Hi Everyone, 

It sounds like you had a great week. It went by super-fast for me. I guess that's what happens when you have a routine every day. I know every day here is not exactly the same, but we do basically the same things, so the days kind of blend together. That's why I write in my journal every day, if I didn't I wouldn’t be able to remember the details of any given day of the week.
I'm excited to talk to you guys on Mother's day. I haven't thought too much about it, actually. Mom, I know you can hardly wait- haha- you already know you're going to cry when we talk. Just try not to cry too much, I want to talk to you guys, not see you cry haha. 

The weather here has been nice. There were a couple days last week where it was cloudy, but didn't rain, it was nice and cool, must have been in the 70's. I'm hoping as the weeks go on it will continue to cool down and rain less often. I liked the weather back in July and August when I first got here.  

My week was pretty good. We found new investigators and our existing investigators continue to progress. Things are going super well here. There are always things that we are trying to improve, of course. But I'm happy with the growth that we are seeing in this area.

Dad, thank you for your advice for me. I often think about the experiences you shared with me at home about your mission and compare them to the experiences I'm having and see what things I can learn from the experiences you had. Things with my companion are going well. We teach well together and are finding new investigators with potential to progress. We have two families that are progressing a lot right now. One will get married and baptized next month, the other in May. Our goal is to have at least one family baptized every month. So we are working hard to always find new families to teach. We have been teaching more lessons lately, and are trying to work with the members more and get references from them to find more people to teach. 

It’s great that you will go to general conference; it will be a good experience especially for Jacob. I can't wait until I can watch general conference with you guys again. 
Here in the mission we will be watching conference probably about 3 weeks later.

I love you guys so much and appreciate how you are always thinking of me. I always love your letters; I'm constantly smiling as I read them. Thank you. 

 Until next week!

Love, Josh

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