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Monday, March 31, 2014

Branch conference

Week 46 - 3/31/2014

“I know the Lord is blessing all of us so much, we have to make sure we express our gratitude in prayer and by the things we do every day”
Dear family
Yesterday was branch conference (Just like ward conference). It was really great! There were 230 people at church! That's the most people I've seen at our branch yet. We had eight of our new prospect families show up, so that was very exciting!. I don't have any specific responsibility during church, but as missionaries we're always supposed to be aware of what's happening, making sure people that come for the first time are in the right classes, that they have a hymnbook, a good place to sit, things like that. The Hobsons come to church at T3 too, so it's nice to have their help in the branch. Sister Hobson made a chocolate cake and gave it to us after church to take home. It was super good! They are always willing to help us out in whatever way they can too. After church yesterday we had a family night at the home of one of the members. There were about 15 people there in total. Everyone had a great time while learning from the Spirit; we played a few games, had a spiritual thought, and made popcorn. The members here love family nights (FHE).

We had a good week overall. There's not a day where everything goes the way we planned, but we always end up having a good day. We found a few new investigators and the families that are closer to baptism continue to do well. Antonio will be traveling to Inhambane this week to take care of one of his documents for marriage. Their baptism date is for the first week of May. Daniel and Zaida are doing well too; they brought one of their friends to church yesterday. Alfredo and Laura, who have now been members for over a month, are doing well. Alfredo sometimes has to work on Sundays, but other than that they are at church every week.

Mom, I don't need new shoes, they are starting to get a little beat up, but they still have a lot of life left in them. I don't think I'll be getting another bike anytime soon; if I'm not mistaken I think the only area in the mission that uses bikes is Quelimane. The ground here is too rocky and uneven and gets super muddy when it rains, it would be too much of a hassle to use bikes here. Plus, (speaking from experience) they would probably get stolen, haha.

You guys are so lucky to be going to general conference. Tell me how it went. I know you won't be able to share every talk, but write down things that stood out to you, take a little notebook or something. That way you can share some stuff with me next week.  
I like the pics you sent of Kimberly and the whole group. Tell her I say hi and wish her all the best; 18 months went so fast, it seems.  I know that when I come home, you'll probably be camping out at the airport the night before haha. 
Anyway, I loved hearing about your week. I feel the same way you do,  knowing that you guys are safe and healthy and happy week after week. I know the Lord is blessing all of us so much, we have to make sure we express our gratitude in prayer and by the things we do every day. I hope you have a good week and enjoy general conference!



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