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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 69-- Walter and Pres. Mabunda my dear friends from Quelimane visiting Matola

My dear family

This week was good but it had its difficulties too. On Tuesday I did a division with one of the new elders from Beira, Elder Paulino. It was a very good day; we were able to get a good number of lessons and got some good contacts.
On Wednesday we had to go to the city (downtown Maputo) for Elder Caetano to take care of some documents for his visa to Brazil. And this won't be the last time while we serve together. As you remember, we had to go through the same with Elder Alfredo.  So, that day we only got 3 hours to work in our area. The next day it was the same all over again, going to Maputo for the same reason, but thankfully we got back in time to have the whole afternoon and evening to work.
We have been working pretty hard to find new investigator families, doing contacts on the road and house to house. It's hard to find people and make appointments that will stick, though. Most of the time when we mark a lesson with new investigators it ends up falling through for one reason or another. That kind of stuff has been happening a little more than usual. 
Half of the people we try to contact on the road will reject us in some way or another. They might tell us they have no time to talk to us, tell us they are never home and don't have time to sit with us, or will give us a false number. This is unfortunate, they don’t realize that they are rejecting a message that can bring joy and happiness to their lives; 
a message that can literally change and better their lives.  But like you said, this work requires diligence, patience and perseverance and that is something I'm learning a lot about these days. The other elders in the district are doing well and are working hard. They too go through similar difficulties. We had a good district meeting on Friday and we talked about how miracles will continue to happen if we are diligent and obedient and by trying even harder the Lord's will lead us those whose hearts are ready for Gospel. I'm confident the Lord will bless us for our efforts.

Sunday was a very good for me. There were two visitors at church that I was very surprised to see. Here is what happened:  During the first hour of church I was sitting in the class and a man came up to me and asked me to scoot over a little so he could sit on that row of chairs. I looked up, and saw it was President Mabunda, of the Quelimane branch! He had come down to Maputo to visit family and came to church here in Matola. Then right before the second hour we were standing in front of the church looking to see if investigators would show up when I saw another familiar face walking up. It was Walter, another member from Quelimane. He was down here for work and decided to come to church in Matola. He had no idea I was serving here, or that President Mabunda was also visiting. It was like a Quelimane branch reunion!

 If you remember,  when I was in Quelimane, we used to visit Walter and his family on Pdays and we played board games, with them, etc. I remember how he used to help us, guiding us to places, going with us to visit other members and investigators when I was new in this country.  He was pretty excited when he saw me. It was nice to talk with both of them and find out how things are going up there in Quelimane since I left last year; and with my former companion being up there right now, I feel pretty connected to my old area. I think it would be so cool if I could get to go up there again, maybe finish out my mission there. It's unlikely, but it's fun to dream about it haha. 

Anyway, I hope you have a good week at work and I hope you stay healthy, I love all of you soooo much and thank you for all the support you give me in your letters and your prayers for me!



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