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Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 72-- Zone Conference in Matola Oct. 2014

Dear family!


Thanks for your letter this week. My week went by pretty fast. Monday was a good, relaxing P-day and it was a nice lead up to Tuesday, which was the zone conference. It was a very good conference and we all learned a lot from President Kretly. There were a lot of missionaries there. In addition to the missionaries from Matola and Maputo zones, the missionaries from Swaziland came up again. It's only a 3 hour drive I guess, so they came up and left on the same day. I helped translate again this time as well. The lunch they provided was really good; there was a lot of food!
The training that President Kretly gave was about how we can use my time more effectively. There are a lot of things that being a missionary demands, but we have to focus first on the most important things, which for me is fulfilling my purpose as a missionary: 
Convidar as pessoas a achegarem-se a Cristo, ajudando-as a receber o evangelho restaurado, por meio da fé em Jesus Cristo e em sua Expiação, do arrependimento, do batismo, de se receber o dom do Espirito Santo, e de perseverar ate o fim. 
I took some good notes so I don't forget the things I learned.  

Mom, I like the quote you shared about agency and obedience. Obedience is the most basic and important law the Lord has given us. As a missionary, obedience is the key to receiving blessings for ourselves and for the areas in which we serve. So, I try every day to be more obedient. I know that in this way the Lord will continue to protect me and I will be able to have His spirit to guide me in all things. I believe that the best missionary is an obedient missionary and one who has faith in the Lord.  I know the Lord will bless me to find those who are eager to hear the gospel; we work every day and pray that today is the day we find them.

Everything here is going great and I'm staying healthy. My companion and I are working hard and we're getting along super well. 
I enjoyed our church meetings yesterday. There were good talks in sacrament meeting and there was a pretty good attendance, despite the weather, which was cold. Also, everything in the district here is going well. All the companionships are working hard and seeing progress.

Next Monday is transfers again, if you can believe it.  Who knows what will happen. I can see myself staying just as easily as leaving. I hope I stay though. There are still challenges that we are facing in this area and I would like to stay a little longer to resolve them, our goal is to find a few more families who will start to progress and be baptized in the coming weeks.  

I have not received the packages yet. I was hoping they would be here in time for the zone conference. If I stay down here next transfer, I will probably get them some time next month. If I get transferred up north, I might not get it until Christmas. But don't worry, I'll get them eventually. 
Finally, I'm enjoying the time I have on the mission, in my area. Thanks for your prayers and I wish you another happy week and I can't wait to hear from you again next week!! 

Have a great week!



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