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Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 71 -- Working in my old area of T3 for a day was great!

Hi guys!

I really enjoyed your letters this week. Thanks for including part of that talk about conversion, it was really good. I think what every missionary wants is for the people he teaches to actually be converted to the gospel. The only way that is possible is working through the Spirit. Thanks for your testimony as well, when you guys share your testimony with me, it strengthens mine. I'm glad you guys had a good week, it sounds like it was a pretty eventful week.

I know it must have pained you to have to tell me the sad news that our dog Hunter had to be put down.  Just a month ago he was his normal self.  It will be strange to come home and not see him. I agree with you that it was better this way than to see him suffer.  As you remember, I was 10 when we got this baby beagle. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received because I had wanted a beagle for so long. We had a lot of fun and lots of crazy moments with him that's for sure! haha. I will miss my dog Hunter.

It's nice you guys were able to attend the broadcast of the Ogden Temple dedication. Thank you for sharing with me the messages you heard in that meeting. I’m sure it was a great service.  I can't wait for the dedication of the new Provo City Temple; it should be completed by the time I get back next year. I'm glad you were able to enjoy many spiritual events and experiences last week.

I saw the pics you uploaded, you guys look great. That's cool the new bishop came to meet you guys, I'm sure you guys must have told him all about me.  Hey I saw my cello in one of the pictures; I got so excited to see it!

This week flew by and it ended up being a pretty good week. We found a good number of new investigators again this week. We are getting good contacts every day and we sat with new investigators almost every day, so the work here is progressing. We hope that at least two or more of those families will actually accept the Gospel.   So, the more people we talk to during the week, the more opportunity we have to find a family that will be receptive to our message.  But in general, things are going pretty well over here in my area.
Tuesday was a nice day. I did a division with, Elder Thurston. He was my district leader back when I was in T3, and he is still serving there, but as a zone leader now. So I actually went to T3 for a day, back to my old area! It was great to be back. In the morning we left from Matola and got in a chapa to T3 then me and Elder Thurston stayed there while his companion and Elder Caetano returned to Matola to work in my area. It was a very good day, I saw a lot of members from T3 and they were surprised and happy to see me. I saw Anita (Antonio and Anita) and she was super happy to see me. She showed me photos of their wedding and baptism. I am so happy to see that they ere happy and are staying strong in the church. I didn't get to see Antonio though, he was at work. We also happened to run into one of the young men I baptized, Naftal. He is doing super well and is dead set on leaving for his mission next year! I was so happy to hear that. During the day I saw a ton of other members that I used to visit, I had a lot of luck that they all were home when we passed by.

We also taught a couple lessons to Elder Thurston's investigators. It was a very good division and a rare opportunity to return to my old area. Wednesday and Thursday we had a lot of lessons and contacts also. Friday I did a division with Elder Palu. We worked in my area. We taught a couple new families, I feel very good about them and I think they will progress. There was a devotional Saturday evening in Maputo for members and missionaries with Elder Khumbulani, an area seventy from South African. It was a very good devotional; his message was for the members. He talked about strengthening family relationships and other important things related to the families.
The lessons in church were great, they talked about temple marriage and it was very well taught by our branch president.

Tomorrow we have zone conference, I always enjoy President Kretly’s teachings, he is great at motivating people and inspiring us to do our work.  I'll tell you all about that next week. 
Thank you for your words of encouragement.  Enjoy your week!!



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