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Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 70— Another good week in Matola

Olá família!  It's nice to write to you once again, I'm glad to hear all is well back home, as always.

We will be having a zone conference here a week from tomorrow. It should be good, an area seventy from South Africa is coming to speak to us. 
The work here continues to move forward, and while the progress has been slow, we still see progress in the work that we do. I'm happy with the direction in which the area here is going with new investigators and references, and I hope and pray it continues that way. I appreciate your daily prayers for me and my companion and the people we teach. The time is going by so fast. As you mentioned, today is the 15th. I've completed 16 months on the mission. 
I continue to pray for you all back home that you stay healthy and always have the Spirit at home. Mom mentioned you guys go to the temple regularly, that's good. Continue to make that a priority. I know I will make temple worship a priority in my life when I return and I never want to treat temple worship as a casual thing, it's a very special place and sacred opportunity for us and everyone to be able to attend.
Thanks Mom for continuing your 'quote of the week'. Each one I'm writing down in my planner, which i then transfer to a sticky note that I post on the wall in front of my study desk. It's nice to have some motivational quotes from the prophets in front of me. You seem to always know what to say and share with me that I need every week.-Thank you. 

I continue to play the piano here in sacrament meeting every week. I'm still not very good at it, but I know I'm serving the branch this way. One of the counselors in the branch presidency came up to me after sacrament meeting yesterday to thank me for playing the piano and making the effort, even though piano isn't my strong point--Music is an excellent way to serve others.

From what you tell me,  you guys had a good and exciting stake conference with all the announcements and changes. Keep me posted on the stuff that goes on in our new ward.
I miss the relaxing Sunday ritual back home spending time with the family, reading, taking a nap, having a nice dinner, etc. Sundays here are pretty busy work days, because many people are home we work just as much as any other day, even a little more. So it is a big day for us here. 
This week was pretty good. We worked a lot and had more success this week. We have been continuing to do contacts and making appointments  with many people. As always, lessons fell, but many of them didn't. We found a few new families this week that have shown a desire to listen and learn about the Gospel. 
Monday was a normal work day, since it wasn't a p day. That day we walked a lot and got a few lessons, but not many people were on the road. On Wednesday we had a training at the mission office for new missionaries and trainers. It was the same training that I already had before, but it was good, it's good to have a reminder about the importance of being a good trainer and inspiring good habits.
This week went by super fast, partly because P day was on a Tuesday. On Friday I went on a division with Elder Reinstein, an elder in my district from Arizona with about 7 months on the mission. At this time we don't have a family that is very close to baptism, but we're working on it. We're just working to build up our teaching pool and have strong investigators. I'm enjoying Matola a lot. It's a challenging area, but it's being a good experience.  Elder Caetano is doing well, he is a great companion.
Well, I hope you have a good week and hope you and dad enjoy going to the temple this week!  

I love you sooo much!!


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